AIC products procurement

We purchase

We purchase AIC products directly from agricultural producers. Samples and analyses for pollution, moisture and other necessary indicators are taken before purchasing.

Oilseeds are transported internally from the Supplier's location to the embankment. If necessary, acceptance is possible from under combine. If the Supplier has its own transport, transportation is possible by the Supplier.

Payment is made on the basis of product loading or prepayment. Payment is possible both with or without VAT.

Prompt and transparent examination of AIC products and documents proving supplier's reliability
How we work
Contract with a producer of agricultural goods and formalization of the transaction
Shipment of goods from Client's warehouse
The whole shipping chain including customs clearance is implemented by «Petrotrade Global»
Customs clearance and logistics
Delivery and acceptance of products
Any payment options that suit our customers: prepayment, payment as you ship, payment as you shipped
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